ISSN - 2277-4866
Frequency - 2 Issues per Year
Subject - Commerce, Economics , Management, Law

About Spark

Welcome to Spark (Subscription yearly) National Journal of Commerce, Economics and Management is fully referred journal from Shri.Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (JJTU). It is a National Journal that aims to provide platform in promoting research techniques and emerging trends in Commerce and Management field.

JJTU’s National Journal Research in Commerce and Management (SPARK)- ISSN 2277-4866 is an national journal which releases Bi-annual Research Journal of Commerce and Management. The national journal’s aiming to promote and publish original research in all the fields of Commerce, Economics and Management. It provides a platform for the researcher’s to share their best practices and knowledge by presenting the article. All the research articles submitted to Spark should be original in nature and the research articles should never be published in any journal or presented in any of the conference. We welcome all researchers to publish with us and feel our professional and ethical processing procedures, we assure to provide quality support and facilities for your article processing. All the submissions will be peer-reviewed by the panel of experts associated with the particular field. Submitted papers should meet the nationally accepted criteria and manuscripts should follow the style of the journal for the purpose of both reviewing and editing.

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SPARK ISSN 2277-4866

Dr. L.M. Dani
Dr. M. G. Shirahatti
Dr. Shamasuddin Naikwadi
Dr. Swati Padoshi
Dr. Surender Kumar
Dr. Aman Gupta
Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. Shardha M. Bhome

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Welcome To the JJTU Journals

Shri.Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (JJTU) is approved by Rajasthan State Govt. Act 2009 Vide F2 (5) Vidhi/2/2009. It has been started by Rajasthani Seva Sangh Mumbai, a trust of Industrialists who have their roots in Rajasthan with a view to uplift the academic and economic growth of their native area. Its target audience is original researchers who exchange ideas from various specializations in science, technology and management, law, literature, education and physical education. The journal publishes unpublished research, of recognized theoretical rigor, intellectual and scientific relevance and that involves multidisciplinary discussions that revolve around four main thematic axes: Science, Engineering and Technology, Literature, Education, Physical Education, Law, Yoga Naturopathy and Management. Research Center of Shri JJT University has started four researche Journals REX, Aufait, Spark, Centum for more details please visit our website to reach every scholars of different specialization. Welcomes manuscripts from authors throughout the year

· Submission Last Date: Throughout the year

· Acceptance Status: Within 30 Days

· Publication Period: Within 30 Days (After Acceptance)

 Publication Fee:

Academicians / Research Scholars = (3000/- National Conf.); (3500/- International Conf.)

Corporate & Industrial Delegates = 1500/-

Post-Graduate Students = 200/-

Graduate Students = 100/-

About Author

Scientific journals that publishes innovative, original research and reviews across a broad range of scientific disciplines must be consider while submission of final manuscript. A group of active researchers and scientists with a wide diversity of expertise evaluates submissions and sends those that warrant further consideration for peer review. Submit your manuscript through our manuscript submission and information portal . You can track the status of submitted manuscripts on email id. Please review the editorial policies for the Science family of journals before submitting a paper. These policies state author rights and responsibilities which you agree to by submitting and publishing a paper with Shri JJT University.

About Peer-Reviewer

Ensuring that all the research articles published in a scientific journal follow the mainstream of the journal principles essentially depends on the shoulders of a peer-reviewer committee. This process of reviewing not only requires a lot of scientific comprehension about a definite subject but also demands a lot of commitment to devote a significant portion of era to compact with the progression of peer- reviewing committee. Reviewing the manuscripts to write an inclusive and unbiased statement is primarily resolute by the peer reviewer committee. At times, a reviewer has to distinguish the manuscripts so that any type of invalid research can be avoided for publishing. This is worthwhile for the scientific community and the authorship. Managing the proper balance of coordination with all the factors is essential. Consequently, the peer-reviewing committee requires considerable era and structural procedures of reviewing committee. Fitting comments and suggestions from the reviewers make the researched article well-defined and worthwhile for the readers.